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This however is becoming more difficult to do since more and more numbers out there are cell phones. Unlike land lines which are public records and can be pulled up by any company like the white pages and yellow pages. Cell phone companies like to keep their records private.

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This might be done in part to protect the privacy of its customers. Which I'm sure most people appropriate even if they don't know about it. Who wants cold callers and telemarketers calling their cell phone on a daily basis.

They still do but by keeping these records away from public records. They in turn keep them away from telemarketers and at least keep the cold calls and unwanted text messages down somewhat.

Reverse phone lookup verizon address

These companies keep the records away from main street internet and only sell individual number information for a small fee to people willing to pay. So for anyone looking to do a quick Verizon phone lookup for free will be disappointed.

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Reverse phone lookup verizon address - Phone Searches

Contact Alex Greb. The bad news is Verizon Wireless no longer provides a white page on their website. So doing a free Verizon phone number lookup directly with the cell phone company is impossible at the moment. Same goes for every major player in the wireless industry. Don't worry we will cover all available options below! So What Happened to the White Pages? So What's the Solution? February RSS Feed. Best Home Remedy for Tinnitus. Home About Contact Blog. As the largest land-line and wireless cell phone provider in the U.

Some phone calls you received are from friends, you know their names, and some phone calls are from strangers, even worse, from prank callers.

Reverse phone lookup verizon address

Some phone calls are made from land-lines, some phone calls are made from cell phones or calling cards. So whose number is it? Who's calling me or my family? Who's calling my husband? Who own this phone number? To search and learn the caller information, you need to use reverse phone number look up service. Land-line residential and business Verizon phone number information can easily be found at Google search or at the regular Verizon WhitePage - Verizon Reverse Lookup Phone Directory lookup service.

For all other type of Verizon numbers such as cell phone numbers or unlisted numbers, it is almost impossible to find or trace the caller information through Verizon. By government regulations, cell phone numbers are required to be protected by Verizon, they cannot be put in public searchable phone directory. So does Verizon have a hidden or public searchable phone directory for cell phone numbers, unlisted numbers, or private numbers?

Verizon No Longer Offering Their Lookup

If Verizon doesn't provide such a directory, is it possible to find out the caller's information on an unlisted e Verizon phone number or cell phone number? This article has the answers for you. You can still find out who owns the unlisted numbers and cell phone numbers or make verizon phone number lookup through places like Intelius. I will show you the risk-free ways to find: a if the cell phone number belongs to Verizon Wireless; b Reversely find information such as name, address, and background on the phone caller or owner on a Verizon cell phone number or non-listed phone number.

Not too long ago, a Verizon spokeman said "Wireless Directory is a dumb idea".

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The news was in reference to Intelius plan to build a national cell phone directory. Verizon Wireless further said, "Verizon has consistently refused to provide their customers' numbers to any directory or third party.