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I made a payment of Yesterday again I called the representative, he spoke English clearly, he said he found the error and would adjust I asked him a question, he wanted to check with a supervisor. I called back no notes about the adjustment and the rep went on in horrible English. I again asked to speak with someone who spoke English clearly due to my hearing loss. She refused to transfer me, and continued telling me there will be no adjustment and that was my bill.


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I called the store. He said "come in on Monday and we will look at it". He also told me to pick one who I was going to work with either the store or the company. It's pretty bad that you cannot understand them and when requesting someone else due to language issues you cannot get anywhere. The whole deal is a sham and so is the fact when you call you get different answers and hold times to speak to a supervisor are crazy.

There is a discrimination issue here, based on language for the hard of hearing. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. This company has NO idea what customer service is. I wanted to upgrade to an iPhone 7, so 1st of all I couldn't understand the foreign sales rep on the phone. Then I get an email the next day that the iPhone 7 was being shipped, so I called waited 20 min on hold and told them again that I cancelled the order and she said "ok no problem".

And I called again, once on hold for 40 min.

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Got frustrated and hung up. Called later that day and waited 45 mins on hold, finally spoke with a person but then the line dropped as we were almost done with the return. Turns out I had to drive to a customer care store to return it. I just decided to change services. I was with Cricket for years.

From the very beginning of starting my service with Cricket my bills have not been what they were supposed to, at least My service was disconnected because I forgot to pay. I work all the time and it slipped my mind, so I called to pay.

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  • My bill was The girl on the phone couldn't explain why so I asked to talk to a manager. She didn't want to send me to a manager. She was rude and basically was not interested in helping me. Just wanted me off the phone!

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    I insisted that she let me speak to her manager due to the fact I was being charged a So she put me on hold for about 10 minutes then got back on the phone and said "we can take I said "so I can't speak to your manager? Finally the manager got on the phone. He was so rude I could tell he did not want to deal with me at all.

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    • Was talking over me and just being rude. Would not take the late fee off that I had no idea they would be charging me. I had Cricket before so there was never a reconnection fee! Anyway I was very dissatisfied with customer service, payment and charges for this company!

      I would never recommend this company! So finally, after the original phone call was reviewed by sprint, I was given the deal that was originally offered. It's unfortunate that it took so many phone calls and many hrs to resolve it, but it did finally get resolved.

      What's New

      Hopefully, my future experiences with sprint will be much better! So I called a sprint salesperson today and now feel like I was scammed. She saleswoman told me my unlimited plan was The only reason I even found out about this fee was because I called back to ask questions about something I didn't understand. I asked three different reps what this fee was called and I got three different answers lol.

      One called it an "access fee". The other called it a "subsidized device fee". The third rep told me it was "just something I had to pay for my 2 year agreement plan" - what??? I spent 4 hrs on the phone with them today trying to figure this and the customer service was just as bad as the con-artist saleswoman I first front with.

      I am switching from straight talk and I think most people have heard how bad straight talk's custom service is. Well Sprint is worse imo. I upgraded my iPhone 6 to a 6s using the iPhone for life program. I specifically asked him how the program works because it sounded too good to be true. The salesperson in store said "you don't own the phone and when the new iPhone comes out you return that one and get the new one.