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The Case Category for a divorce would be "Family". The Case Type would be "Dissolution of Marriage" you may want to select all three Dissolution of Marriage case types if you don't know what kind of divorce it was , or you can leave this Case Type blank.

Once you find the person you are looking for, click on the magnifying glass icon on the left column to view the divorce record summary. Call our office first to find out what the fees will be before paying by mail; our number is Our number is You can pay for your divorce records request in person with a check, money order, cash or credit card at these office locations. The most frequently asked questions about divorce and annulment are answered below: Divorce and Annulment FAQs. How do I file for divorce? How do I get an annulment? If you are seeking information related to an annulment, you should contact an attorney.

How do I get legal help or file for a divorce by myself if I cannot afford an attorney? You can get information on filing for a divorce without an attorney and information about free legal assistance for certain cases for qualified low income residents here. With a simplified divorce, you and your spouse are essentially both willing to shake hands and walk away.

How do I get an annulment?

This is called a divorce settlement, which presumes both parties are happy with the terms and can be assured of the end of litigation. After the settlement has been reached, you and your spouse will have the agreement memorialized in a way that makes it enforceable and legally binding.

In regular divorce proceedings, each spouse is privy to examine and cross-examine each other. The forms for filing a regular dissolution of marriage include:. The summons is the document the clerk signs to give the process server the ability to service your spouse, who is viewed as the defendant. Service refers to the act of giving a copy of the required papers to the other party through the procedures of the law. In general, there are three different types of service:.

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In the process of filing for a divorce, Florida law requires you to file the following affidavits:. Florida divorce laws require both parties to complete a financial affidavit within 45 days of your petition being served — even if you and your spouse have no property. The financial affidavit will clearly disclose all assets and liabilities.

To assist in the completion of this document, make sure to have:. You should also take an inventory of your family possessions and major household expenditures.

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A detailed household budget will help determine how much temporary support can be paid — if any. It will also provide a basis for the court to determine whether you or your spouse can realistically afford your marital home on your own. Mandatory disclosure requires each party in a dissolution of marriage to turn over certain documentation with the financial affidavit.

You and your spouse must provide these documents to each other within 45 days of serving the petition for dissolution of marriage. Marital assets include any debts or assets amassed during the marriage.

All assets and liabilities will be divided fairly or equitably upon divorce equitable distribution. In most instances, whether you or the other spouse wants to keep the marital home to live in with children from the marriage can a factor for an unequal distribution. If you file for a simplified dissolution of marriage, you will be required to have a marital settlement, which may include bank accounts, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, cash, real estate, cars, and anything else of value. As previously mentioned, the goal is for the property to be divided in an equitable way.

Depending on whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, you will need one of the following forms:. Florida alimony is the extension of the marital obligation of spousal support after the divorce. The parenting plan forms may include:. The courts will also consider:.

Free Forms for Florida Divorce

Going through a divorce with children is extra tough. For instance, taxability of alimony payments, property transfers, and children dependency deductions may have an impact on your tax filing status. Once your forms are complete, you should give the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage as well as all other supporting forms and documentation to the circuit court where you live.

However, the majority of courthouses do offer a notary public and will notarize your documents for a fee. Divorce filing fees are determined by the Florida Statutes. You are required to give your spouse a copy of the filed petition for dissolution of marriage. There are several ways this is achieved:. The divorce hearing is when you and your spouse appear before the judge or mediator after filing for a divorce.

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Instead, the judge may use it for basic scheduling and explain the family court proceedings. In Florida divorces, the final judgment is the document that officially marks the end of your marriage. Also known as the final order of divorce or divorce decree, this document contains all of the various terms of the divorce, including:.