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With some advisers, he has said he thinks he can get something done through executive action. With others, he has said he prefers legislation. With still others, he has said he would like a political concession in exchange for doing so. And he has insisted that he would be able to convince his most ardent supporters who favor gun rights that the moment for a change has arrived. He said he had spoken to Mr.

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Still, Democrats caution that they have been down this road with Mr. Trump and Mr.

White House pushes back on background check claims

McConnell before, and it is not clear how sustained Mr. After the massacre of 58 people at a Las Vegas concert in and the killing of 17 students in Parkland, Fla. Trump made good on a pledge to impose a ban on bump stocks , the attachments that enable semiautomatic rifles to fire in sustained, rapid bursts. But he also expressed support for taking guns away from dangerous or mentally ill people — even without court orders — only to back away after gun-rights advocates objected. Trump has also mused in the past about more aggressive moves like tightening loopholes in the existing background check law but then failed to take action — including last year, after the Parkland shooting.

And Mr.

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Trump earlier had reversed an Obama-era executive action that used Social Security records to help flag people with disqualifying mental health issues. He said he did not intend to bring the Senate back into session from its August recess, as Ms. Pelosi asked again on Thursday that he do. In a statement issued just after Mr.

McConnell spoke, Mr. LaPierre said the N. LaPierre did not specifically say whether that included red flag laws and background checks. But the group has opposed such measures in the past, and Mr.

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Behind the scenes, Mr. Trump has made at least some appeals to Mr. On Tuesday, the president called the N. The call was first reported by The Washington Post. Trump talked up the idea of a signing ceremony in the Rose Garden and insisted that he believed it would be successful, according to those briefed on the call.

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LaPierre made clear that his members — many of whom back Mr. Trump — would not favor such a move. Senator Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee and a close ally of the president, said Mr. Part of the challenge for lawmakers seeking action is that the White House is divided — as is often the case.

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The hard-liners and Mr. But others, particularly Mr. A close adviser to Mr.

McConnell, Scott Jennings, said on Thursday that he spoke with the leader this week and encouraged him to pursue a background check bill. Jennings, who is based in Kentucky and has advised Mr.

McConnell for years. Federal law prohibits selling a gun to a person who has been convicted of a crime involving domestic violence against a spouse or child. After the attack, the Air Force confirmed that the information about Mr.

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Kelley, who killed himself after the massacre at the church, bought guns from a Texas store in and It is unclear whether those guns were used in the attack. In the weeks since the shooting, there has been a bipartisan legislative push to require criminal records to be included in the database to increase the reporting of domestic assault convictions. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has recently come under increased scrutiny over an apparent lack of regulation of bump stocks, the gun conversion kits that a gunman used in October to kill 58 people and wound hundreds during a music festival in Las Vegas.