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We offer DNC scrubbed lists, depending on your industry and usage. NOTE: If you are going online to buy a list for telemarketing, please understand this is landlines only, all scrubbed records.

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  6. No cell phone numbers are available on the on-line count and order system. With information updated monthly from white pages, regional Bell operating companies, a number of proprietary sources, and our special telephone activity date selector, we flush out as many disconnects as possible. We offer business lists which you can select by area, category or number of employees.

    In B2B, telemarketing is considered the most responsive medium for lead generation. We also offer a New Business list which is compiled from Occupational Licenses and a weekly New Connect list which comes from the Telcos. Telemarketing to Cell Phones — Is it Practical?

    Cold Calling is Dead: How Inbound Marketing Has Taken the Lead(s) - Business 2 Community

    It takes up to 28 days to come into effect but then companies aren't allowed to phone you for marketing reasons unless you've given them express permission before or after signing up although beware - you may not know you've done this, so see the section below. If you have given a company permission by accident or you've changed your mind, just contact them directly and ask them to stop. BY law they have to. Other companies offer a similar service to the TPS but they may charge you for it and telemarketers only have to check the TPS register.

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    Unfortunately, dodgy companies may still carry on bothering you even if you're on the list, so that's where some of the other tips come in. You know those little boxes you're asked to tick or not to tick when you're buying online or signing up to something? Sometimes ticking means the firm CAN share your details with other companies for marketing purposes.

    Telemarketing Lists

    And sometimes when you're asked to tick two different boxes on the same page - one box is a "can" tick but the other is a "can't". This is often how telemarketers get your numbers so, basically, make sure you read the small print so you don't get caught out. If a message is from a company you trust or from a five digit number, replying 'STOP' should do the job and you shouldn't be charged.

    Replying will just confirm your number is a valid one and you may start seeing a lot more communications from them. Instead, report the message to your network operator by forwarding the message to it spells SPAM on the keypad - clever huh? BT has a directory service which lets you find telephone numbers and addresses over the phone, online, or in the good old-fashioned phone book.

    But if you don't want your details to show up, you do have the option to sign up to the Ex-Directory scheme. You can always report phone numbers to your network operator and find out what services they offer in terms of blocking calls although they may charge for it.

    Consumer scam alerts

    If nothing else is working, think about complaining to the company and asking them to stop. This could be the most simple solution.

    click here The caller has to give you the organisation's name, address or a free phone number if you ask for it so that you can get in touch.