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His services were almost gratuitous. The Executive Committee was re-appointed on the motion of Mr. Alan Sykes. After voting by ballot, Messrs. Barn-stcn, Harmood- Banner, M. Sykes and J. Welsford were elected to represent the division on the Central Council of the National Union. Barnston, having received the highest number of votes, was elected as the representative on the Organieation Committee of the Central Council. The annual report stated that while acknow- ledging the usefulness cf the Central Authority in placing various members of their staff of speakers at the disposal of constituencies, it had been felt that the regulations controlling the supply had not worked in tho most satis- factory manner.

A considerable amount of dis- satisfaction had been exprejac-d; and, in ac- oordanoe with the wish of the Council, the f secretary communicated with the Lancashire Division, with the result that the Central Authority consented to receive a joint deputa- tion in order to discuss the question. The com- mittee expressed their acknowledgment and ap- preciation of the a. The demonstration at Eaton on August Bank Holiday had made a great impretssion on the general public, and had done much to solidify and encourage the Unionist party throughout the county.

The thanks of the party were duo to their president, the Duke of Westminster, and the Duchess, not only for having made the demonstration pos- sible; but, still more, for the practical sym- pathetic and kindly interest taken in every- thing devised for the comfort of their visitors. The committee would be ungrateful if they did not specially mention the cordial assistance re- ceived from Colonel Wilford LLoyd and the Hon.

Cecil Parker, in carrying out and oom- pleting the arrangements.

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The general position of the Conservative party in the county had un- questionably improved during the past year. The general election left them without a single Unionist representative in the House of Com- mons; and, though there was, at first, some considerable difficulty in finding suitable can- didates for some of the constituencies, it could be noted with pleasure and satisfaction that ten out of twelve constituencies in Cheshire were now supptied with prospective candidates, and with their respective organisations were carrying out.

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  • Washtenaw County Deaths 1867-1897 (GENDIS).

The prospect of increased expenditure, with a pnenomenal a-nd sensational fall in the revenue, unscrupulous attacks on varied in-tereats, want of confidence, the hesitation of the commercia.! A conviction was gradually dawning on the, minds of many even in unexpected quarters, that the financial troubles of the country oould only be safety a. The Chairman, in moving the. The great features of the year had been the important meeting in Manchester, when t'hey had their President, Lord Newton and Mr. Wyndham, and when the discussion resulted in the carrying on of the Unionist Club.

The great demonstration at Ea. Parker for their splendid assistance. As the report stated, the position of the Conservative party in Cheshire was now very much more satisfac- tory.

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Already in ten conogtitucncics out of twelve had they found suitable candidates, and from all appearances the candidates would be able to give a very good account of themselves. After the more recent happenings in Parliament it was quite possible that they might have an election on them within the next three months, while on the other hand they knew that a great many Radical M. P after t-heir name. The report was adopted. Cruddos Lancaster presided. Representatives irom Liverpool, Crewe, Bolton, liaydock, Manchester, and other places were present.

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The Secretary Mr. Deacon reported that eance their last meeting the following prospective candidates and others had consented to became patrona of the FederationViscount Bury, Sir Thomas Brook-Hitchin, Sir Gilbert Greenall, Mr. Sykes, and Mr. Philip Stott. Gartside Mossley drew attention to the recent judgment in the Court of Appeal as to the illegality of using trade union funds for the payment of political services. This was precisely what the Earlstown Convention of tne federation had urged in the early part of the year, and he thought that that great meet- ing had exercised a considerable influence in many quarters.

He moved: "That this Council expresses ita deep satisfaction at the recent judgment of the Court of Appeal establishing the illegality of compulsory levies out of trade funds for political purposes, and tenders Mr. Victor Osborno its hearty thanks for his successful action. It also strongly urges ail trade unionists of anti-Socialistic views to avail themselves of the option now obtained; and rejoices that the advocacy of this Federa- tion, as laid down at their convention at Earles- town, has been so speedily vindicated.

Ratcliffe miner, Haydock and Mr. On the motion of Mr. AlcCJormick Liverpool supported by Alessrs. Ilea- word Stockport and Mr. Manock Heywood , the following resolution was unanimously car- ried: Tluat thitt Council tenders its warmeft thanks to the House of Lords for its rejection of the Licensing Bill, which seriously infringed upon the liberties of the working elapses, in- volved principles contrary to legislative honesty, and was utterly devoid of any condition likely to promote temperance. Heaword Stockport and supported by Mr.

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  5. Vakind Crewe and Mr. Cruddas, was, after an animated discussion, unanimously car- ried, viz. George Cook and Betsy Cook, who wore brought up on a. It was submitted the accused did not intend to hurt anvbody. Go at once to a chemist and get a bottle of Mrs. It is pleasant to taste, producerriatur-al, quiet sleep by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub awakes "as bright as a button. We are glad to be able to announce that the Cheshire Sheaf will be resumed in our columns at the New Year. It wiH be edited by Air.

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    Beazley and Air. Fergucwon Irvine. The Editors proper to carry on the Sheaf 1 as in previous years, and will welcome any short articles on historical and topographical matters. They will also be glad to receive queries from correspondents on tiiese subjects, and hope tliat the column may be a useful means of inter- course between antiquaries and all who are interested m local history.

    It is specially im- portant that the Sheaf rihould be well sap- ported by contributors this v-ear. The editors. Correspondents are asked to forward all cor- municatione, written on one side of the paper only, to Mr.


    Beazley, Fern Hill, Oxton, Birkenhead. Webb, vicar of St. Paul's, and in wiiose parish St. Peter's has been doing good work as a miction church for some years, the part, of Crewe m which St. When at Last it became evident that new schoois were a necessity, Uiiion Webb. The land was purctiased from the late Mr. The lacings of the buildings arc of Ruabon brick, and the walk on the interior of Wi pressed brick with Ruabon dressing.

    An open ceiling gives greater cubic air epaoe-, and the rooms are well lighted from large wmdowa The faceting is by steam, and the apparatus was subscribed for by mem- bers of the church. The school bell was pre- sented by teachers, scholars, and friends, in memory of the late Mr.

    Peter's schools, and a tablet commemorating the gift adorns one of tlie walls. Over tire door which divides the two large rooms is another tabet, a large one in stone, contain- ing the fallowing inscription; — gr Peter's Mission Church Sunday School was built by Canon Webb, M. The heating apparatus has! At the earvice of dedication, the Bishop of Chester was accompanied by Canon Webb. A very large congregation attended, among tliose present being the MaJor and Alayorees of Crewe ivir. Bidiake, the Rev. Coveney, the Rev. Jen km, Mr G. Routledge, Mr. R Lloyd, Mr. Grestv, and Mr.

    [GEN-OBIT] Obituary Daily Times v21no - GEN-OBIT -

    Gaiiirrioro sidesmen , Mr. Robinson and Mr. Plant assistant sidesmen , Mr. Alcock, Mr. Bebbington, Mr.

    Dutton, Mr. Thomp- eon, Mr. Snrittie Airs Fox, Mr. Purceli, Xiies Hopwaod, Fox. Ma, Laxter, Mitis N. Alart-in, members of the choir, and a number of children of St. Peter's Sunday School under the cliorge of Mr. Canon Webb conducted the service, and the dedication was pronounced by the Bishop. He had had time to go over the building, and al- though it was not fully equipped with furniture, he oouW understand what a very great con venience and benefit it would be to tliose who lived, worshipped, and taught in that part of the parish. They had two fine spacious rooms, and although it was tlie gift of the Vicar it waa interesting to himself and them to know that some of those who were interested in the build- ing had supplied the heating apparatus, also the bell in memory of one who for many years laboured faithfully among the children of the parish.

    Proceeding, his Lordship touched upon the work of the church in relation to children, speaking of the baptismal services and tho responsibilities of god-parents.