Background fire history on 2484 homestead drive north pole alaska

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Bud Moore was diagnosed with a sarcoma malignancy in February ; he passed away on November 26, The collection is comprised of video, audio, photographs, published materials, letters, maps, notebooks, journals, phone logs, calendars, electronic records, and several artifacts.

There are many articles, interviews, and speeches by and about Bud Moore on various topics relating to land ethics, hunting, trapping, fire control, Montana regional history, and sustainable forestry. There are also research materials, marketing, ideas, and drafts of numerous articles and his book, The Lochsa Story. Subject files contain reports and notes written by Bud Moore along with articles, maps, pamphlets, and occasionally letters used as research materials.

Papers and reports written by Moore appear throughout the collection, those clearly intended for publication are grouped together in a single series but others remain arranged by topic. There are journals and field notes documenting his hiking and trapping in roadless areas in Montana, which include his philosophies on land use and management. A significant amount of personal material is present including correspondence, photographs, notebooks, journals, clippings, and daily calendars.

There are materials relating to other important Montana figures including correspondence with his personal friends Norman Maclean and Stewart Brandborg. An amateur photographer, Bud captured many of the landscapes he worked to protect as well as his conservation projects, family, and friends. Many photographs of Bud are also included. Video and audio materials documenting his speeches and presentations are present alongside materials used for research purposes. There are also materials added by his family concerning his death and funeral services.

Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U. Copyright not transferred to the University of Montana.


Use of materials in excess of fair use must be approved by the donors, Bill Moore and Vicki Moore. The collection is arranged into ten series, several have been further arranged in subseries. The contents of each series or subseries are arranged chronologically or alphabetically.

Subseries 5: Land Management, Use, and Planning, 4. Sub-subseries 1: Photographs and Slides by Title, Sub-subseries 2: Coyote Forest Photo Archive, 3. This collection was in the possession of its creator until his death in and then it transferred to his children. Vicki Moore also transferred entirely digital portions in and During processing, duplicates and easily accessible publications without annotations were removed from the collection. Bibliographies were created for published materials that were clearly indicated as reference materials for a particular project but lacked annotations.

Folder annotations provided by Vicki Moore that went beyond an inventory were added to the finding aid to provide additional information. Financial information including routine payment of bills and easily accessible tax forms were also removed. Copies of the Lolo Peak News from to incomplete were removed from the collection and added to the Montana Collection. This series contains materials directly related to Bud Moore.

Awards, licenses, certificates, notebooks, personal calendars, and clippings are also present. Articles about Bud Moore and his accomplishments are prevalent. There are also personnel files from his employment with the United States Forest Service as well as journals he kept while in the field.

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Some files in this series are restricted. For additional details see specific restrictions noted at the subseries level. Also, includes the records related to two of his dogs. This series includes letters and cards sent to and from Bud Moore to various family members, friends, acquaintances, fans, public officials, and organizations.

Moore maintained correspondence files alphabetically by the last name of the other party; these files were all retained in their original order with several individuals added if there was a significant amount of material. Some files in this series are restricted by the donor due to their inclusion of the personal information of Bud Moore's friends and family, and specific requests of the donor.

Some files in this series are restricted and located in separate boxes at the request of the donor. This series is arranged chronologically. Some payroll files in this series are restricted and located in separate boxes due to employees' personal information. This series contains research materials papers, articles, maps, and correspondence , notes, and some photographs concerning various topics of interest for Bud Moore. This series contains materials written by others sent to Bud Moore for critical comments, review, or as gifts. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by folder title.

This series contains buttons, a banner, and a commemorative key chain relevant to the written materials in the collection. This subseries is arranged chronologically. Archives West. Search digital objects only. Restrictions on Use Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U. Arrangement The collection is arranged into ten series, several have been further arranged in subseries.

Series I. Personal, 7. Family and Friends, 0. Correspondence, 5. Speeches, Presentations, Classes, and Interviews, 3. Properties, 3. Sandy Ridge Woods, 0. Coyote Forest, 1. Mattson Meadows, 0. McFarland Creek, 0.

Subject Files, Location of Originals Custodial History This collection was in the possession of its creator until his death in and then it transferred to his children. Future Additions There are no expected additions to this collection. Subseries 1: Biographical 2. Financial documents, employment records, military records, awards, interviews, articles, certificates, his birth certificate, and records relating to his education are all present. This Biographical subseries is arranged chronologically.

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Several files in this subseries are restricted because they contain personal or financial information for employees and friends of Bud Moore. Neuberger in The Saturday Evening Post.

Purchasing records of 40 acres sold to Les Hostetler in the Swan. Permission to access required from Les and Kelly Hostetler. Montana: Paradise Lost or Paradise Found? Subseries 2: Journals 2. Bud Moore kept journals with frequent entries involving his activities during his time with the Forest Service and after.

They include his personal views on conservation and descriptions of the areas in which he traveled. There are also scanned copies of the journals with supporting documents. Folders dated trhough have digitized versions of the journals. Folders dated through contain selected transcribed excerpts of the journals only.

Subseries 3: Planners, Calendars, and Notebooks 2. Bud Moore carried a notebook or planner in which he recorded writing ideas, phone numbers, lists, addresses, and reminders for himself about daily activities.

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  5. Phone logs from his home kept records of those he interacted with on a daily basis. Some files in this series are restricted due to the personal nature of some of the content. Bostwick, Katherine H. Lewis clarify her accounts. Moore, Charles Sparky The steelhead run in the Lochsa was lost due to dam construction downriver; a few years before his death, Bud went back to the steelhead spawning areas he knew in the Lochsa but found no sign, despite apparent reports that spawners were returning thanks to a rehabilitation program.