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Get off my lawn! If not, then why would anyone use AOL mail? Score: 5 , Informative. From their marketing: Unlimited storage, 25 MB of photo and video attachments, advanced spam filters, virus protection.

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The UIs in were often better than the latest text-free tablet-oriented junk. Not sure about AOL specifically, since I never used it, but everything from Google maps to Windows to Office to video games have had regressions in UI over the past decade. Re: Score: 2 , Troll. Maintaining a consistent email address? Using a service that scans your correspondence to market directly to you?

You've got spam mail: Slew of AOL email accounts fall prey to spoofing attack | PCWorld

People who value their, and my, privacy? The Oatmeal Score: 5 , Funny.

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Share twitter facebook linkedin. Re:The Oatmeal Score: 5 , Funny. Aol users: Keeping the "h Shouldn't that be "h Both the addresses work. Dentists: Another reason why birds are superior. So you are saying it is still an excellent indicator that you don't want to hire this person to design the software system on you next car? Score: 4 , Informative. I've done a lot of side work for folks needing computer repair and every Personally, I don't care if they have an AOL address or not, but professional businesses not having the mybusiness.

This should be seen as pure conjecture because I'm sure there are those that don't fit this mold. Just talking about personal experience. Dear Slashdot Readers Score: 5 , Funny.

We here at dice plan to mine your data but it's an awful hassle to analyze said data. Please do that for us. I guess it depends if Comcast has the monopoly Go back to dialup?

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  6. Can't you get cellular or something else? I've personally found that the majority of people don't really make any judgment on having an AOL address but people who are tech oriented tend to think the person is backwards for using a really old service that's associated with old times, not as much storage or features as some newer entrants e. Gmail, etc. Like some never ending game of "Where's Waldo". Re:personally Score: 5 , Interesting. AOL still reaches people who can't get broadband and need to use modems. Poor sods. Dialup will eventually end, but it could take decades to finally drive a nail in that coffin.

    I do have email bias Score: 2 , Flamebait. Like FB, it is another path of least resistance that the tech behemoths have herded Americans into. It doesnt suggest tech anything Score: 2. I use them all the time Score: 4 , Insightful. Besides, it's free and I can create hundreds every hour.

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    Horse hockey Score: 5 , Insightful. The only reason I finally got a gmail address was I wanted to be able to keep it through moving, changing ISP providers, changing jobs, etc. Having a consistent email address is a handy thing to have. Used to indicate that you are a noob idiot with PC's on the internet. Early adaptors makes you a dinosaur? How does that make you "stuck in the s? Not hard to switch Score: 2.

    Yes, it can be considerable trouble to change to a new email address. Email has to work that's it Score: 2. After that whether it is aol, gmx, or gmail only matter to hipster. Email has to work.

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    It has to support pop3 and imap and whatever. It does not have to be from a specific domain. It does not reflect anything on the user. Re: Score: 2 , Interesting. Real men Re:Real men It has a warm, true sound that you just can't get from today's CD's and digital music. Hipster Score: 2. Compuserve Score: 5 , Funny. So my CompuServe email address shows that I am old? I used to use Compuserve and AOL CDs that came in the mail for wheels on racecars for my kids and mobiles in the garden to scare birds away.

    UUCP Score: 2. No, bangpaths show that you're old. Retro Score: 2. Actually, I've sort of been waiting for an aol.

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    5. Like seeing the hipsters all wanting aol. Apparently I'll need to keep waiting. Not a dinosaur The aol. We should be cheering those with aol.

      AOL Email Address Brands You As Technologically Obsolete

      Darn new-fangled AOL address Score: 2. Um, that's not a very far distance, seeing as they're part of the same conglomerate. This, and they're both competitors to AOL properties Engadget at least. What's that say about those judging? Betteridges law of headlines is wrong! If you first learned to drive a stick shift If you remember when there were only two kinds of coffee If you know what a pencil has to do with a cassette tape If you have an AOL email address.

      Pretty much Score: 2.